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5 Reasons Your Business Should Prioritize Social

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Social media is no longer just a place for sharing pictures of your lunch or keeping up with high school peers. As one of the most powerful marketing resources available today, the benefits of social media for business are abundant.

While many companies identify social media as an important part of their annual marketing plan, few are truly prioritizing proper best practices. Often, social media responsibilities get passed to the junior employee, the intern or the President’s niece – simply because it’s something that SEEMS easy to do.

But effective social media marketing is far from easy, and it needs to be recognized for the powerful marketing tool that it is.

To prove our point, here are 5 reasons your business should prioritize social media marketing:


1. Social Media is Where the People are Spending Their Time

There are a staggering 3.48 billion social media users worldwide. And those users are spending an average of over 2.5 hours a day glued to that screen.

2. Different Social Media Channels Help You Reach Specific Audiences

Each platform encourages different behavior and engages different audiences.

Little Bird's FacebookFacebook is a multigenerational platform reaching audiences of all types.

Little Bird's InstagramInstagram is used primarily by Millennials and Generation Z. It’s a great platform for reaching this younger demographic.

Little Bird's LinkedInLinkedIn is for professionals. You’ll find business-minded readers and thought leaders alike.

Little Bird's TwitterTwitter is also a multigenerational platform with a time-sensitive twist. That’s what makes it great for news, updates and breaking stories.

3. Social Media Tools Provide Strategic Insights

Each social media platform has its own set of tools. When utilizing these tools, you can collect data like demographics, locations and other insights to use to your benefit.

On Facebook, you can use tools like Facebook Ads and Facebook Pixel to target a specific audience and track the performance of your investment.

Need to run an ad campaign for single mothers between the age of 30 and 40? No problem. Just select the specs of your desired audience and let Facebook do the rest.

Tired of guessing writing content to the general public?

Get specific and write to your most ideal customer.
Download our free guide to perfecting buyer personas!

4. Social Media Humanizes Your Brand

Social media can be a vehicle for making your brand seem more personal and accessible. You can create a personal connection with your audience through effective live streams and 24-hour story tools. Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and other similar features can promote positive brand opinions through carefully crafted “behind-the-scenes” looks at your company culture, product development process or access to more unscripted videos and posts.

To make this process not as daunting there are plenty of social media scheduling systems available. A few of our favorites are Hubspot, Later, Hootsuite and Buffer.

We all want to connect with our audience, but we don’t necessarily have time to create a post for every platform every day. These systems allow you to have a strategic social media plan that engages and connects with your audience by scheduling posts well in advance.

5. Social Media Increases Inbound Traffic

Social media is the best way to promote and re-promote content your fans love. The reach of every blog, video and podcast is extended thanks to the power of social promotion.

From social sharing buttons within your content, to promotional posts that put your content in front of your followers, social media promotion is a proven way to increase the reach of your content and brand.

Whether you’ve been neglecting your social media or you’ve lost your way while trying to make your posts engaging, we encourage you to recommit to making your social stellar! Start with a strategy session focused on the intention of creating relevant and fresh content your ideal follower will love!

Does your social media strategy need a boost?

10 Ways to Crush it on Social Media

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