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The Rules of (Customer) Attraction: A Humanizing Approach to Marketing

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“I will tell you, you are not the average marketing agency.”
– David Paull on Little Bird Marketing

The Bible has preached it, Aretha sang about it, and your audience craves it… all they’re askin’ is for is a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T! What successful marketing and lead generation really boil down to is a maxim old as time: treat others as you want to be treated. 

So what does that mean when it comes to your marketing strategy?

It means remember your audience is human. They don’t want to be bombarded with sales-y, sell-y, self-promotional content. They don’t want products and services incessantly jammed down their throats. And, they sure as hell don’t want you asking them to hop in the sack right off the bat to do business.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well as Momma Bird Priscilla McKinney and host David Paull remind us on this episode of the Engagious Podcast – simple doesn’t mean easy.


It’s not about getting shit done when it comes to content and social marketing strategies. It’s about getting meaningful and engaging shit done.

Tune in to this episode of the Engagious Podcast to hear more about:

  • Defining and understanding ideal client personas
  • The importance of being process-oriented in your marketing strategies
  • How to ensure your content goes from broadcasting to engaging
  • The difference between content marketing and social media strategies
  • The art of reciprocity and lead generation

Priscilla McKinney on the Engagious Podcast

If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or C-Suite executive and you find yourself weighed down by an unorganized marketing strategy give this podcast a listen for some inspiration.

Check it out here!


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