Digital Transformation Success

Realizing digital transformation across an entire organization is key to business success.

While the phrase “Digital Transformation” is often used, it’s not always understood, so I’ll provide my brief working definition: Digital Transformation refers to the purposeful integration of digital technology into all areas of a business.

priscilla mckinney
Priscilla McKinney


It goes beyond technological innovations, in that it requires a fundamental mindset shift of how to operate internally and deliver maximum value to customers at scale.


When done well, it results in a culture change to an environment where opportunities for digital technology are not missed, but are thoughtfully used to change established practices and processes for greater efficiency, flexibility, and profitability. In this show you’ll hear from consultants, trainers, executives, innovators, and thought leaders. We avoid buzzwords, jargon, and leave behind our egos to help take that next step toward digital transformation success.


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