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CloudResearch and InnovateMR Announce a Strategic Partnership to Advance Data Quality in the Industry

The future of digital transformation hinges around human interaction and human input. In companies, it’s the voice of the consumer. In tech, it’s the voice of the user. In healthcare, it’s the voice of the patient. Products, policies, features and laws are developed based on input from humans – and often through online sources. This is why data quality is so extremely important, and also why it’s shocking that cyberfraud is so widespread.


This episode of Digital Transformation Success is special for a couple reasons: 


1. It features 3 special guests, each of whom are data quality experts

2. It is centered around a brilliant collaboration between two groundbreaking companies

3. It has stories about people who pretended to be missing limbs and people who pretended to drink bleach!


Host Priscilla McKinney leads a discussion centered around data quality with Lisa Wilding Brown, CEO of InnovateMR, Sarah Adkins, VP of Quality and Research at InnovateMR, and Leib Litman, Ph.D., Co-CEO of CloudResearch. You’ll learn about the underlying problems and shortcomings of conventional fraud solutions, which can be categorized as experience-based and device-based.


According to Lisa, “It was sort of this thing that people were all quietly struggling with and not really talking about. And I thought, ‘let’s turn this up on its head and start having an open dialogue, because I can’t even come close to solving this on my own!'”


Sarah’s background in client-side work lent a depth of perspective into the industry mindset, (“They know it’s there, but they don’t want to look behind the curtain.”) but also an urgency to the solution: “Let’s get it out there and in the open, because it’s a problem that’s out there and it’s not going away.”


Leib provides several real-world examples of how problematic fraudulent data can be, which drives to a stunning point: “If you can’t rely on the data that you collected about specific populations, it’s those populations that are going to be hurt the most by that.”


CloudResearch has developed a new solution centered around behavioral verification called Sentry, and a recent partnership with InnovateMR is breaking new ground and showcasing the power of industry collaboration.


Leib says, “It’s very clear that data quality is at the forefront of what’s important to InnovateMR, and that’s part of why we get along so well and why this is such a great partnership.”

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Beyond Brand Trackers with Zack Nippert Live at IIEX

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The Importance of Critical Evaluation in Digital Transformation with Danielle Blugrind

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Optimize Meta for Marketing Success with Chip Senkbeil

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March 01 2022

Digitally Transforming Insights and Foresight with John Dick

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Harnessing the Power of Your Personal Brand with Adam Gray

No one likes a disingenuous person. Period. Especially when it comes to social selling. So rather than pitch slapping people immediately after they accept your LinkedIn connection request, why not focus on building a genuine personal brand to build genuine connections instead?   Gracing the Digital Transformation Success podcast once again is the one and only, DLA ignite Co-Founder, Adam Gray. Adam and Priscilla dive into the importance of bringing your personality to work in the digital era and optimizing the power of your unique selling point- YOU! He offers some truly invaluable personal branding and LinkedIn tips to help you reap the benefits of leading with your personal brand.   "You are the best thing you've got. You are the unique selling point. At the end of the day, you are the only differentiator between what you do and what others do." - Adam Gray   You don't want to miss this insightful conversation! Listen now! Listen >
February 15 2022

The Metaverse: Your Questions Answered with Corey Featherly of Meta

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February 08 2022

How Social Selling Advances Digital Transformation with Tim Hughes

The truth is, the digital transformation wave started well before the pandemic ensued. Sure, the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation but digital transformation has been a turning point for businesses for years now and will continue to be beneficial for years to come.   Long gone are the days when a simple flyer or brochure would do the trick as far as influencing prospective customers.   "When someone hands you a flyer, it's like they're saying here you throw this away." - Mitch Hedberg   Returning to the Digital Transformation Success podcast is social influence aficionado and DLA Ignite Co-Founder and CEO, Tim Hughes. Priscilla and Tim dive into an insightful conversation exploring how social selling has come to be a valuable tool in organizations' digital transformation efforts. Tim stresses that in order to keep up, brands must take the digital transformation plunge as organizations continue to adopt more advanced and effective selling methods. After all, Tim is living proof that social selling is effective, and it's here to stay.   Listen in as Tim and Priscilla give you the rundown on all things social selling and digital transformation!   Read Tim's book, Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers Listen >
January 18 2022

Defining Effective Digital Transformation with Tony Moroney

Hearing the word “digital” can cause our brains to default, ultimately drawing a connecting line from digital transformation to an issue with technology. Priscilla McKinney is joined by Tony Moroney, Founder and Managing Partner of Beta Digital and Co-Founder of The Digital Transformation Lab, to discuss effective digital transformation that enables, supports and accelerates business strategy. To effectively undergo a digital transformation, one must first understand what digital transformation means. Tony provides some seriously valuable insights into a disconnect affecting the successful adoption and execution of digital transformation into the business strategy.  Take a look into any organization and talk to the board, the leadership team or even the divisional heads. If we ask the question, “What is digital transformation to your firm?” We will get different answers from practically everyone.  Are industry definitions even relevant anymore? What is a digital native? And, why do these things matter? Find the answers to these questions and more in this episode of Digital Transformation Success. Seriously, you don’t want to miss this— it’s better than your average TedTalk. Listen >
January 11 2022

Digital Transformation for Successful Employee Advocacy

Social media has fundamentally changed the way we live and do business. Though it is often thought of as a marketer’s tool, it’s not just for marketing departments! The future of work demands that brands embrace digital transformation across their entire organization.   There is not a day that goes by that we’re not somehow engaged on a social platform. More than likely, the first thing you reach for in the morning is your phone. After silencing the alarm, you open your email, apps, or social media, and you’re immediately connected. Social media is natural. It's credible. It's easy to activate your employees on it because they're already doing it in their own personal life. Social media is a tool. Are you utilizing this tool to help advance careers AND the brand at the same time?    Priscilla McKinney is peeling back the layers of successful employee advocacy and discussing the buyer’s journey, how to develop your employee advocacy program and what it looks like to utilize LinkedIn for meaningful connections. Discover how you can invest in your employees, bring them into the company strategy for advancement, and accomplish that task together.   When done correctly, the whole employee life-cycle can be cultivated, empowered and maintained through the power of social media. Are you ready to ignite a digital transformation?   Learn more and get started now! Listen >
January 04 2022

Digital Transformation in the Legal Landscape with Daniel Farris

The Legal Industry isn’t exactly known for digital transformation or technology adoption. So, what is the state of innovation in the legal industry? Get the insider scoop on this episode as digital transformation meets practicality with Daniel Farris, Founder and "Chief Man in Suit" at NMBL Technologies. Daniel Farris is a former software engineer and network administrator turned technology and privacy lawyer. His practice is founded upon understanding how technology can strengthen and expand upon the core missions of his clients’ businesses.  Find out WHY digital transformation is a key player for growth in the legal industry and HOW Daniel is navigating an early adoption of digital transformation in an industry that is founded upon tradition. Listen >
December 17 2021

Sergio Suarez Jr. on Meaningful Enterprise AI

Sergio Suarez, Founder and CEO of TackleAI, recently joined Priscilla McKinney on the Digital Transformation Success Podcast to discuss critical information regarding adopting meaningful AI solutions in the business sphere.  AI adoption has skyrocketed over the last 18 months. As a result of the pandemic, businesses have been pushed into digital transformations, including the transition from traditional data and documentation methods to AI workflow automation. We're all looking for shortcuts, but oftentimes, we are fooled into thinking some things are run by AI when in reality, they're not. In this podcast, you'll find the answers to many pressing questions you have about AI. Tune in now. Listen >
December 03 2021

The Teamwork of Digital Transformation with Maggie Fox

We all learn life lessons, sometimes the hard way, but it's about how you apply those lessons going forward. Maggie Fox, Independent Board Director at, joins Priscilla on this episode of Digital Transformation Success with inspiration for teamwork and stories of lessons learned and applied. Tune in for an informative and relatable episode of being human in the age of digital transformation. Listen >
November 12 2021

Applying Design Thinking for Greater Business Efficiency with Damian Clayton-bull

Principal Management Consultant at Arcadis, Damian Clayton-bull, joins Priscilla McKinney on this episode of Digital Transformation Success to discuss the human aspect of digital transformation. Damian explains how to talk about digital transformation in a way that feels familiar, and helps people truly understand the path to their goals. This episode dives into the intricacies of design thinking and human-centric solutions for a successful and ongoing digital transformation. Listen >
September 28 2021

The Difference Between Digital Transformation and Innovation with Author Greg Satell

Greg Satell, master of digital transformation, joins Priscilla on this episode of Digital Transformation Success to discuss his two fantastic books, the effects of digital skepticism, and how digital transformation differs greatly from innovation. This episode wraps up with a discussion of how problem-solving promotes the most valuable innovation and how businesses everywhere can capitalize on this mindset. Listen >
September 21 2021

The Role of Coaching in Digital Transformation with William Shorten

William Shorten, International Coaching Federation Certified Leadership and Development Coach, joins Priscilla to discuss the intricacies of the supply chain world, the benefits of a flexible work environment, and how to pivot and adapt to new business landscapes when changes inevitably arise. This episode wraps up with an explanation of how to implement positive digital habits for a successful digital transformation. Listen >
September 14 2021

Digital Transformation and Personal Brand with Adam Gray

In this episode, Adam Gray, Co-Founder of DLA ignite, joins Priscilla to discuss the shift in mindset and behavior that is necessary to digitally transform. Priscilla and Adam dive into the importance of taking an active role in learning the ins and outs of the digital world, and why passive learning will never produce the same growth. Adam explains the importance of refining our systems and strategies and wraps up the episode with a reminder of the age-old saying: “If you’re marketing to everyone, you’re marketing to no one." Listen >
September 07 2021

Rise Up: Gaining Authority in a Noisy Market with Tacie Avedikian

Tacie Avedikian joins Priscilla on this episode of Digital Transformation Success to discuss how to navigate through the never-ending noise of the internet and successfully get your message out. Priscilla explains the analogy of a cocktail party and how it relates to respectfully commandeering the digital authority you need to communicate online. (more…) Listen >
August 24 2021

Driving Better Digital Experiences and UX Maturity with Matt Valle from User Zoom

Matt Valle joins Priscilla McKinney on the Digital Transformation Success podcast to discuss and evaluate his 25-year long career in the market research and user experience industries. From big-name companies like Amazon, Google, and eBay, to smaller operations at UserZoom, Matt has implemented ways to improve the CX, UX, and UI of countless apps. (more…) Listen >
August 17 2021

Your Industry Needs Social Selling, Period with Eric Doyle

For 30 years Eric Doyle worked in the oil and gas industry. He spent his days embracing traditional sales and marketing methods. Then one day in 2017, an interaction on LinkedIn changed his whole perspective. (more…) Listen >
August 10 2021

Virtual Conference Success with Tacie Avedikian

Tacie Avedikian joins Priscilla McKinney on this episode of Digital Transformation Success to discuss the many benefits of social media in connecting with like-minded industry professionals. From shout-outs to Twitter lists, Tacie and Priscilla break down the importance of building an interactive and dynamic social media presence to reach your ideal audience and build new relationships.   Listen >
August 03 2021

How Great Digital Transformation is Based on Empathy with Ryan Barry from Zappi

Zappi is a market research company that cares. It isn't just about the quick data and accurate insights, but the importance of those involved from their employees and consumers to the board. With that in mind, every move they have made has been tailored to improve their performance, including digital transformation. (more…) Listen >
August 03 2021

Coaching Authenticity for Digital Transformation with Mike Garrison

Mike Garrison, Founder of Values-Based Mindset and Strategic Social Selling Consultant with DLAIgnite. He believes, without any hesitation, that we are all designed to accomplish so much more than we realize and is committed to helping people that are dedicated to being intentional about their unique expression of what it means to be human. Listen >
July 27 2021

The Impact of Social Influence to Scale a Small Company with Patrick Olszowski

Patrick Olszowski, CEO and Lead Researcher at Outrageous Impact, tackles two of the biggest digital transformation myths head-on in this episode of Digital Transformation Success: 1) Social influence can only help large enterprises grow. 2) Embracing social influence destroys the human element of your business. (more…) Listen >
July 20 2021

Marketing Automation that Doesn't Feel Like Marketing Automation

Do you wake up in the morning and think, “I just can’t wait to get an automated, impersonal promotional email today!” If so, this episode may not be for you. For all other people out there, Little Bird Marketing CEO Priscilla McKinney and Executive Director Ashley Le Blanc dissect how to implement automated marketing with a human touch. How do you balance the efficiency of using bots while staying empathetic to your audience? Tune in to find out. Listen >
July 13 2021

Challenging the Analog Automotive Sales Industry in a Digital World with Vanessa Gartell

Digital Transformation in the automotive industry is a vast subject including automation within the supply chain, connectivity,  electric vehicles, and of course, eCommerce. But it's the digital marketing element that is of special interest to Vanessa Gartell, Social Media Transformation Consultant with DLA Ignite. After major changes in the last year, she reflects on how her industry retooled the factories, but never went about retooling the skills the salespeople needed to meet emerging needs and changing consumer opinions and desires. (more…) Listen >
July 06 2021

How Drift is Leading Conversational Marketing

We’ve all heard of the golden rule: “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” But Mark Kilens, VP of Content and Community at Drift, is helping business engage their buyers with the platinum rule in mind: “Treat others the way they want to be treated.” (more…) Listen >
June 29 2021

6 Benefits of Digital First Selling Initiatives

The more sales, the better... Right? In this episode of Digital Transformation Success, Little Bird Momma, Priscilla Mckinney, and VP of Digital Transformation, Tacie Avedikian, cover the key benefits of social selling in a digital space. Interested in elevating your sales game? You won’t want to miss out on this episode! Listen >
June 17 2021

The Future of Work with Timothy Hughes

The fact is, if you’re not taking your presence digital you’re working in the past. This trend is something CEO and Co-founder of DLA Ignite, Tim Hughes, has seen developing over the past several years. With the outbreak of COVID in 2020 the need for digital transformation has accelerated exponentially. Moving into this brand new world, Tim suggests we drop the cold call and embrace people where they are. Whether it is ecommerce or social selling, the future of work is online and the future is now. Are you ready? Listen >