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Companies need to be better prepared for what’s coming next. This is true as new categories of products emerge, in technological disruption and of course, with how the climate is changing. But climate change is often an overwhelming topic and businesses often don’t see this as a place where they could use data for better decision making.

But if you worked in insurance, real estate, energy, farming, or fishing you can immediately see the value in knowing what is going to happen in the weather 2-3 months and even 2-3 years out. In fact, the more data you could get with the most amount of precision would be a game changer.

Enter Planette.

Leading-edge companies, organizations, and governments are digitally transforming their strategic planning by using data to be better prepared for what’s next in the physical world. Climate change is inevitable so instead the way we are adapting is what is meaningful. In order to do this you need data that is actionable as early as possible.

Hansi Singh, CEO and co-founder of Planette gives us a few real-world scenarios of how climate adaptiveness and resiliency is a positive outcome of a digital transformation around weather and climate data. This climate tech startup specializes in year-ahead forecasts of environmental variables and extreme weather risks.


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