Digital Transformation Success

Hearing the word “digital” can cause our brains to default, ultimately drawing a connecting line from digital transformation to an issue with technology. Priscilla McKinney is joined by Tony Moroney, Founder and Managing Partner of Beta Digital and Co-Founder of The Digital Transformation Lab, to discuss effective digital transformation that enables, supports and accelerates business strategy.

One must first understand what digital transformation means to effectively undergo a full digital transformation. Tony provides some seriously valuable insights into a disconnect affecting the successful adoption and execution of digital transformation into the business strategy.  Take a look into any organization and talk to the board, the leadership team or even the divisional heads. If we ask the question, “What is digital transformation to your firm?” We will get different answers from practically everyone. 

Are industry definitions even relevant anymore? What is a digital native? And, why do these things matter? Find the answers to these questions and more in this episode of Digital Transformation Success.

Tune in to get the truth about transforming your business digitally and effectively. Seriously, you don’t want to miss this— it’s better than your average TedTalk.

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