Digital Transformation Success

In the face of so many people saying that brand loyalty is dead, there is so much evidence that a smart take and a carefully thought-through plan can actually cut through the noise in today’s digital market and create an incredible bond between consumers and brands—  but it is not easy.

To quote Frank Zappa and Mike Ridgewell, “Loyalty’s not dead. It just smells a little funny.” 

Little Bird Marketing CEO, Priscilla McKinney, is joined by Denmark Street Marketing Founder, Mike Ridgewell, on this episode where they discuss the intricacies of brand loyalty in today’s disruptive digital landscape. With a track record of solving massive problems for industry giants like Disney, Mike brings his expertise and a powerful five-step plan to help you build a strong foundation of brand loyalty.

  1. Make a plan
  2. Have a strong and sustainable value proposition
  3. Align resources
  4. Build the tech stack
  5. Launch and refine

They unpack what looks like a simple step-by-step plan. But with Mike’s expertise with over 30 years of working in senior marketing roles there is nuance he shares to how he has made this plan successful many times. He built enterprise-level loyalty programs for some of the biggest names, including The Walt Disney Company, Marvel, NBCUniversal and confidential Denmark Street Marketing clients. He has held leadership positions in D2C / CRM and Digital Marketing globally, boosting revenues and profits through new consumer acquisition and increased engagement. He graciously gives insights in this episode to help you rethink brand loyalty and loyalty programs that work. 

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