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XDay 2023 was filled with ideas and methods of moving the business world forward in a thoughtful and holistic way. Host of Digital Transformation Success and CEO of Little Bird Marketing, Priscilla McKinney, worked the crowd to bring you an inside look at the conference held by QuestionPro.

Arti Pullins, President of QuestionPro, is an advocate for change in the disparities found in healthcare. She highlights the changes and shifts that need to happen in the healthcare industry. It starts with acquiring data and recognizing the disproportionate methods of care for minority groups.

Amanda White, Head of Insights at TEGNA, asks us all to focus more on what we’re DOING with the data and less on the collecting part. Market researchers are wonderful data collectors. But it doesn’t end there.

Shawn Nason, Founder and Chief Experience Officer of MOFI, shares the truth of what employees need. Purpose. His encouragement is for companies to foster an environment and culture where employees can live their purpose and their why, and still increase profitability. Lead with the human experience first, and you’ll get the numbers you need. Shawn’s book, Kiss Your Dragons, will teach you how to fall in love with the problem in order to build a scalable business. You’ll hear from him soon on Ponderings from the Perch as a special guest.

Carrie Angiolet, President of Illuminas and a native of Austin, recognizes that even when a good change happens with brand building, it can be hard on employees. Leaders must address the issues employees face with change. There are unknowns, but communication and transparency about new developments aid in employee satisfaction.

Cecil Puvathingal, VP of sales at QuestionPro, shares the importance of looking at your company through the windshield, not the rearview mirror. But beyond looking through the windshield, is to pay attention to the passenger. How can we go about this together, in collaboration? (Priscilla expounds on this in her book Collaboration is the New Competition.) It’s a new way of thinking. A new way of living. Not looking back. Yes, companies work with companies. But what are companies made of? People. It’s all in the people.

Gina Woodall, Vice President and Group Director at Rockbridge Associates, a part of Illuminas, states, “Companies can innovate, but unless it really impacts the customer experience, it doesn’t have an impact on consumer loyalty or business growth.” Continue building your brand, but consider the consumer perception before your innovation.

Dan Riley, Co-Founder at RADICL, has the people in mind. His advice for a better thought leadership strategy is not to force a culture shift. Rarely do leaders have the ability to change the culture of the group; it’s the people that change the culture. He states, “Ultimatums don’t drive progress.” People coming together and wanting to make change drives progress.

Cat Smith, Fractional VP of Insights, was inspired by the XDay 2023 event to take her career to the next level through personal development. It’s important to recognize working on ourselves isn’t just for our personal lives. It affects our work life.

Crystal Wiese, Director of Marketing at QuestionPro, brought together this amazing event with her team. Sometimes, we get a little too serious about market research, and she is here to say, “Surveys are fun and sexy.” She reminds us that people are as important as the products, and products are made for the consumers…who are people.

Arti Pullins brought her inspiring friend, Puja Rios, to discuss her new book, Get it Together, a Winning Formula for Success from the Boss You Need. Her goal with this book: help people!

Don’t miss our full episode featuring Sumair Sayani, Global Lead of AI Programs and Strategic Partnerships for QuestionPro: A Brighter Future Can be Powered by AI. 

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