Digital Transformation Success


The tech world will never stop innovating. Business leaders are no strangers to technology’s effects on a company’s growth. But how do you get a whole team navigating technology together to accomplish your business goals? What does it look like to inspire digital transformation success?

CEO and Momma Bird of Little Bird Marketing, Priscilla McKinney, interviewed data insights expert Toluwani Adebekun to answer what people can expect in the business world in the next decade. Toluwani spent 12 years working at Sky as an Analytics and Data Visualisation Data leader with a commercial mindset. He came from a business background and learned data leadership and emotional intelligence are important to him and they are a crucial part of bringing teams together to accomplish great things. Now, he works at Data Literacy Academy, helping business professionals break the data and analytics aptitude and fluency barriers.

Toluwani recognizes a disconnect between business leaders, tech specialists, and data analysts. They all need to work toward understanding the business and moving things forward, but they face a shared vocabulary barrier. As Priscilla shares, “We are all in the tech business.” So, even if you don’t think of yourself as a “tech” person this is just the reality of work.  The old trope that data analytics and math are hard will not work as business moves forward. While they can be difficult aspects of business to master, they can be understood with the help of people like the team at Data Literacy Academy.


  • Is all the tech jargon confusing you? 
  • Want to improve ROI and drive business growth utilizing the data?
  • How do you grow your business using proven data insights? 
  • What should you be looking for in terms of skills for that next great hire? 

Listen in for some great inspiration for the road ahead!


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