Digital Transformation Success

Introducing Jennifer Lu, the driving force behind REI’s and customer engagement strategies. With innovative approaches, she navigates the complex landscape of digital transformation, omnichannel marketing, generational gaps, diversity and inclusion and more, emphasizing collaboration across teams and disciplines.

At REI, Jennifer leads the customer research team, tackling enterprise-level questions to gain insights that shape decision-making and strategy. Her passion lies in understanding customers from diverse backgrounds, ensuring inclusivity and representation in REI’s initiatives.Aligned with REI’s mission to make the outdoors accessible, Jennifer shares an example of collaboration with Outdoor Afro. Jennifer emphasizes the importance of creating a safe space for authentic perspectives through collaborations and partnerships.

Switching gears, Priscilla explores Jennifer’s role in evaluating REI’s digital experience. Seamless online interactions, especially for digitally savvy customers accustomed to platforms like Amazon, are of the utmost importance. Recognizing the prominence of REI’s website in customer discovery, Priscilla and Jennifer discuss the delicate balance between in-person and online experiences. Understanding the entire customer journey, both in-person and online, allows Jennifer and her team to identify areas for enhancement and provide valuable insights to elevate the digital experience.

Looking ahead, Jennifer shares her enthusiasm for AI and automation, as well as the importance of synthesis in insights generation, a topic that resonated with her at IIEX. Envisioning streamlined processes and improved efficiency through AI, there still lies the irreplaceable role of human judgment in deriving meaningful insights from AI-generated data.

Jennifer Lu’s expertise and experiences shed light on the importance of collaboration, inclusivity, and seamless experiences in driving successful strategies at REI.

IIEX Panel Mention: It Takes Two: Decision Making is a Team Sport panel at IIEX 2023 with Oded Netzer, Vice Dean of Research at Columbia Data Science Institute, Christopher Frank, Vice President of American Express, Paul Magnone, Head of Global Strategic Alliances at Google, and Gregg Archibald, Managing Partner at Gen2 Advisors.

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