Digital Transformation Success

Digital dominance sounds mighty impressive. Whether or not you’re looking to dominate the digital world or ramp up your social selling skills, you are in the right place. One thing we can promise you— this isn’t fluff. There’s not even a single piece of fuzz floating around.

Zero fluff. Only the actionable stuff.

Since when could we ever resist a rhyme? Get ready for CEO and Little Bird Momma, Priscilla McKinney, and Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Leadership Associates, Timothy Hughes, to take a deep dive into the practical steps to take you from social selling to digital dominance with social media. They talk about what people need to know, what they need to stop doing, and what they immediately need to start doing in order to transform digitally. Most notably, they also unpack the direct connection between social media and revenue.

When someone successfully positions themself as a digital business it’s when people find you online and know they want to come buy from you, they want to work for you, and they want to invest in your business.

As Timothy Hughes says, “Digital dominance is when you take the processes and the skills that you’ve implemented in the sales team and roll that out across the business.”

What is discussed in the podcast?

  • How to get the C-Suite involved
  • The importance of a clear strategy and top-down approach
  • A major mindset shift
  • Commitment to the entire process by everybody on the team
  • Stop justifying 1990s sales and marketing techniques
  • The value of having a third-party external person come in to help with digital transformation
  • How to hire the right person for digital marketing roles
  • Posting isn’t the point— conversation is the point

Well, our bulleted list could have kept going and going and going… but we realized that eight bullet points were probably already a few too many! This podcast episode truly is jam-packed with valuable insight and expertise.

Tune in and get ready to soak up some serious knowledge.

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