Digital Transformation Success

There is this Futurama episode centered around the idea that we have the technology, we just don’t have the budget. A character had lost his leg, and because they had the technology to do so, they were able to replace his leg… with a mop and a bucket. With digital transformation, your company may have the technology to mine the data, but if that data isn’t accessible, well, you’re going to be walking around with a mop and a bucket for a leg.

Join CEO Priscilla McKinney as she welcomes Thor Olof Philogène, CEO and founder of Stravito, to the show. Thor’s company helps organizations centralize and democratize access to market research and insights through the use of their AI-powered knowledge management platform for market research and insights. Say goodbye to mops and buckets, horrendously long email threads, dozens of log-ins, and the endless search for data that maybe Carl had access to, or was it Suzanne….

On the podcast, Thor walks us through why data management and democratization are necessary for companies to get data out of silos, increase efficiency, build narratives around key business topics, and improve high-level strategic decision-making.

As Thor says, “This has created a single source of truth within organizations that achieves clarity in terms of a common thread.” Best news ever? Market research and insights delivered to you via a Google-like search experience.

Stravito is absolutely a company to keep an eye on, and Thor’s podcast, The Consumer Insights Podcast is a must-listen.

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