Digital Transformation Success

Putting your brand in the hands of somebody else is scary. Is that person the right person to represent your brand? Could there be any backlash? Have they been vetted properly? While social influencers can help brands reach their audience, which is hopefully also your target audience, there are many challenges that companies face in leveraging influencers effectively.

That’s where Dino Delić comes in.

Dino Delić, Director of Analytics and Insights at Meltwater, has over a decade of experience consulting communication and marketing professionals working with companies globally to create and improve their marketing strategies. Dino has worked with brands such as H&M, GE, Hyatt, UPS, Fox Sports, Caesars, MARS, Fidelity, LG Electronics, and more. His focus is to help brands optimize their social media marketing efforts, understand their global target audiences, and utilize the data Meltwater provides for strategic insights.

In his conversation with Priscilla McKinney, CEO of Little Bird Marketing, on the podcast they discuss:

  • Being data-driven in communications and PR
  • Influencer marketing
  • Micro-influencers and nano-influencers
  • Brand and reputation measurement
  • Marketing and PR measurement
  • Consumer insights and trends
  • Humanizing your brand

Don’t do something identical to your competitor. Don’t do something that you’ve already done before. Stop for a minute. There are amazing tools, like the ones Meltwater offers, that can help you create something bigger and better by identifying precisely who has the authority, credibility, and authenticity with your target audience.

If you are wondering what the possibilities are in the realm of influencer marketing, this is the conversation for you.

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