Digital Transformation Success

The Art of Disruption

With Henry Hays

Disruption. It’s what’s for breakfast. It can be overwhelming, no matter what industry you’re in. It moves so quickly that ovewhelm can settle in and temptation to bury your head in the sand gets stronger and stronger. So, how do we face a world that is about to be disrupted, mid-disruption and ripe for disruption in so many different ways?

Join Henry Hays, Founder and Managing Partner of Henry Hays Consulting, and Priscilla McKinney, CEO of Little Bird Marketing, as they unravel the art of disruption and innovation. Their conversation is an act of conversational volleyball— they volley confessions, anecdotes, and insight back and forth at breakneck speed. The knowledge they drop here is REAL knowledge, with REAL world examples. They talk about how and why companies like Kodak and BlockBuster failed, and how businesses like Uber and DoorDash took off. Wondering which industries are ripe for disruption? Airlines, health care, the education system, and law just to name a few…

Then, they get personal. 

It’s time to pop the hood on your business and look at:

  • Market Complacency
  • Customer Frustration
  • Tension Points

Henry unpacks the terminology and then explains how you figure this out for your own business and action on what you find— from customer advisory boards to honesty campaigns, to not only treating the problems that you have but also looking at the things that are successful and forecasting how those successes could turn into pitfalls. 

Hays is the Founder and Managing Partner at Henry Hays Consulting, where he specializes in working with legacy businesses helping them transform by developing radically different business models. When he’s not consulting, he’s keynoting his talk on Disruptive Innovation. Prior to his work at Henry Hays Consulting, he was the Senior Executive Vice President for MPower Health, a Dallas-based healthcare company focused on delivering innovative value-based care. He also served as National Sales Director for Avanir Pharmaceuticals and was a founding member of their original sales organization. Over the course of 20 years in biotech and pharma he ran sales teams specializing in launching novel drugs.

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