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So many customers are desperate to achieve speed to insights. That is made possible with the KnowledeHound team. But how does it work, and how do we change team behavior from constantly re-fielding prescriptive surveys to looking for the answer in the data we already own?

Today, on Digital Transformation Success, CEO of Little Bird Marketing, Priscilla McKinney, talks with Laura Baker, Chief Executive Hound at KnowledgeHound. Laura has watched the evolution of the data industry change from collecting as many insights as you can to helping me find the nuggets of meaning in data.  And it is in that pursuit of getting more meaning from the data, powerful AI-driven data analysis tools make all the difference. Laura keenly states, “Data is fantastic it’s the most valuable asset that any company has, but until you can find it, refine it, and actually make use of it, it’s somewhat useless.”

She explains how consumer insights and business growth professionals are suffering from the mismanagement of survey data. While first-party survey data companies own is probably their most valuable asset, they simply don’t know how to find the data they’re looking for! With multiple systems housing both structured and unstructured data, what is needed is a tool that can reach back into disparate systems and query the existing data for answers. Sophisticated systems like KnowledgeHound can even allow teams to ask NEW questions about data that has already been collected. Talk about cost savings! 

The result of this digital transformation of consumer research and insights will be a democratization of access to data and better stewardship of the data companies already have. AI data analysis tools like KnowledgeHound mean that companies can quickly find, mine, and refine the data they already have for deeper insights within seconds.

Afraid of your data sitting somewhere on a desk without being utilized? Listen to this case study on digital transformation success.  

To learn more about KnowledgeHound’s capabilities, see this discovery guide –  Tap into Hidden Data Reserves: The Cost-Saving Effect of AI for Market Research.

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