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NFTs, cryptocurrency, and the Metaverse oh my! Oh the good ol’ days when we were only dealing with lions, tigers, and bears. Now, we’re on a whole new level.

Join CEO and Little Bird Momma, Priscilla McKinney, and President of Berlin Cameron, Jennifer DeSilva, as they pull back the curtain on the world of digital transformation and uncover a veritable treasure chest of resources and connections. 

Jennifer DaSilva is a seasoned integrated marketer with 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 brands. As president of WPP boutique creative agency Berlin Cameron, Jennifer has spent the last 15 years managing key accounts like Coca-Cola, Heineken, Lexus, and Capital One. Moreover, she is a champion of entrepreneurship and is the founder of  LLShe, a Berlin Cameron division that empowers female entrepreneurs through connections and creativity. 

It’s no surprise that in this episode, the conversation centers around inclusivity in rapidly growing, albeit intimidating worlds of NFTs, crypto, and the metaverse. All are welcome. Period.

Yet, it’s an intimidating new world out there. And women are already reporting that they’re feeling excluded from the cryptocurrency market and the statistics show that 82% of brands are disproportionately targeting their NFT campaigns toward men. That’s why we’re sharing the game-changers in the field of inclusivity in the new world of digital transformation. The links and resources below are yours to peruse. This is your call to action. Follow these people. Learn all you can. Dig in. You’re welcome here.

People mentioned:

Cate Luzio founder of Luminary

Nadia Masri founder of Perksy

Michelle Reeves founder of WAGMI

Patrick Olszowski founder of Outrageous Insight

Resources mentioned:

NFT’s are the future but where are the women? — Berlin Cameron

NFT ‘bro culture’ is missing a huge opportunity by excluding women


NFT Mentions:

Welcome to the HUG

CAA Hires a Chief Metaverse Officer.

Meta Angels – The Wishing Well

Meta Angels NFT

Honey Badges Community that is Decentralizing philanthropy

Honey Badges NFT

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