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The world is your research playground! Little Bird Marketing CEO, Priscilla McKinney, introduces Kathryn Topp, an award-winning researcher and co-founder of Yabble, an AI platform that provides key tools for every stage of the market research process and more. Through advanced AI, NLP and NLG technologies, Yabble extracts real-time business intelligence from new and existing data, providing innovative brands with meaningful insights in minutes – not days or weeks.

Their conversation dives into the importance of speed to insight in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. Kathryn emphasizes the need to eliminate manual tasks and free up researchers’ time to focus on strategic thinking and applying their expertise. Yabble’s AI tools are specifically designed to accelerate the research process, offering revolutionary solutions for data coding, theming, and processing. 

You can’t talk about AI right now without at least mentioning ChatGPT. Kathryn highlights that ChatGPT is a general AI tool and then businesses should seek out and utilize more specialized tools that are catered to each company’s specific needs. “The world is a lot bigger than ChatGPT,” notes Kathryn. The largest concern for enterprises is data privacy and protection. Kathryn explains how systems like ChatGPT are open source with the data itself used to train the AI models and what that means about the real risk of the data falling into your competitors’ hands. But with the Yabble chatGPT plug-in, the data is safe and ensures the confidentiality and security of sensitive intellectual property and competitive intelligence.

Kathryn also introduces some of the various tools Yabble has created such as the Yabble ChatGPT plugin, a tool that augments the knowledge of ChatGPT by incorporating additional layers of data, and  This plugin facilitates a streamlined and efficient process for generating insights by leveraging sophisticated search algorithms to identify relevant trends and conversations. Warning: It can be addictive! 

Kathryn Topp and Yabble are both committed to saving time, freeing researchers’ minds, and delivering valuable insights in the rapidly evolving digital world. As AI truly changes hour-by-hour, Priscilla noted that checking back in with Kathryn in three days should be enough time for there to be something new and groundbreaking to discuss. Let’s keep moving forward!

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