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Proper Stewardship and Access to Insight Data with Thor Olof Philogène

There is this Futurama episode centered around the idea that we have the technology, we just don’t have the budget. A character had lost his leg, and because they had the technology to do so, they were able to replace his leg… with a mop and a bucket. With digital transformation, your company may have the technology to mine the data, but if that data isn’t accessible, well, you’re going to be walking around with a mop and a bucket for a leg.

Join CEO Priscilla McKinney as she welcomes Thor Olof Philogène, CEO and founder of Stravito, to the show. Thor’s company helps organizations centralize and democratize access to market research and insights through the use of their AI-powered knowledge management platform for market research and insights. Say goodbye to mops and buckets, horrendously long email threads, dozens of log-ins, and the endless search for data that maybe Carl had access to, or was it Suzanne….

On the podcast, Thor walks us through why data management and democratization are necessary for companies to get data out of silos, increase efficiency, build narratives around key business topics, and improve high-level strategic decision-making.

As Thor says, “This has created a single source of truth within organizations that achieves clarity in terms of a common thread.” Best news ever? Market research and insights delivered to you via a Google-like search experience.

Stravito is absolutely a company to keep an eye on, and Thor’s podcast, The Consumer Insights Podcast is a must-listen.

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December 20 2022

Asking the Important Questions about Digital Transformation with Mitch Joel

When brands like Google, Starbucks, Shopify and GE want to decode the future, they call Mitch Joel. We called him too. Mitch Joel is the Co-Founder of ThinkersOne, a platform that empowers companies with personalized and bite-sized thought leadership from the best thinkers in the world, and His first book, Six Pixels of Separation, named after his successful blog and podcast, is a business bestseller.  Join your host, Priscilla McKinney, CEO of Little Bird Marketing as she shares an impactful and inspiring conversation with Mitch Joel about asking the important questions about digital transformation. As an early adopter of prolific blogging and prolific podcasting, Mitch has been on the forefront of digital transformation for decades. At the center of his professional endeavors is the question, “How do I use technology to connect better to audiences?” paired with his genuine curiosity for humans having the human experience.  They explore the idea of digital transformation as an equalizer for diversity. They consider if there is an “open playing field” of sorts for new ideas and a kind of all-access pathway unfolding. Along with this dreaming, they offer up a few cautionary tales of what the digital world could do to further alienate minorities and more. Mitch offered up some hard truths about what was true, and what is now true-ish. Though, as Mitch says, “It’s always been a snake pit.” But the balance of the conversation comes back to hope - hope for a digitally-enabled world that makes for a better experience for humans.  In terms of the biggest challenge to digital transformation, Mitch Joel named tech stack. Artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, metaverse, virtual reality, and augmented reality are huge hurdles for businesses and brands to understand and effectively figure out how to integrate. They discuss small ways people can make steady progress toward a more digitally transformed work and life experience. At the end of the business day, as Mitch says, “It's not about accomplishing business differently, it's about being willing to look at things differently and being willing to change ourselves.” If you think you need a social media influence course… you do. Our 12-week Social Influence course will more than do the trick! We would also be happy, quite thrilled actually, to discuss what digital transformation could look like for your team!  On the hunt for powerful content marketing and strategy resources? Come under our wing. Resources, people, and books mentioned: Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify Mike Evans, Founder of GrubHub and Author of Hangry Seth Godin Charlene Lee Stolen Focus by Johann Hari Keepsake ChatGPT   Listen >
December 14 2022

Getting the Sales Training Right for Digital Success

When we’re talking about digital success, it’s not about the bee-boo-boo pressing of buttons. We still need a team of amazing humans who know how to build relationships leveraging the digital tools. There is inner work that has to be done. Sales professionals need to know and understand how to bring themselves to the table in the right way, and it’s all about building a culture of communication and trust. Join CEO and Little Bird Momma, Priscilla McKinney, and owner of Trustpoint, a Sandler Training center, Brett Baker, as they discuss how to get sales training right to set a company up for digital success. Brett Baker and Priscilla McKinney go way back. This episode feels like sitting in on a cup-of-coffee-on-the-couch kind of conversation. The undercurrent is how to get another person to “self-discover truth” as they unpack how to build relationships and trust digitally. So, if you’re work culture is allergic to self awareness you will not like this episode at all.  They cover these pressing questions sales leaders are facing:   • What are the basic needs a salesperson has to understand and embrace to start building relationships on cold calls or with clients that are meaningful— built on trust and mutual respect?  • How can I make sure we don’t lose the human element when moving our sales efforts to digital tools?  • What is holding my team back? There are more than one thing sales leaders need to be working on with their teams, namely, start asking questions and keep asking questions to the prospect. In a world where most sales people default to doing all of the talking, this is tuned out when face to face and even more easily ignored when the sales pitch moves online. The importance of asking questions also underscores the truth that the prospect’s first answer will never reveal their real problem. Lastly, teams need to remove the pressure to get the “yes” and build more comfort around the prospect saying “no.” As Brett says, “when a sales professional starts to become okay with no, their world opens up to a level of trust with people they’ve never dreamed of.” As customers know the close is coming and the salesperson is hankering for the “yes,” the comfortability around the “no” breaks down barriers, surprises people, at puts them more at ease. This conversation is positively brimming with impactful and actionable information that will spotlight exactly what mindset shifts and sales tactics you need to implement for true, real, game-changing sales success both online and offline.  Shout to our sponsor CFR For business professionals, mastering social media is no longer a “nice to have” set of skills, but a fundamental need in order to advance your career. You need an effective and proven system to move from social selling all the way to digital dominance. Learn more at Listen >
November 18 2022

Practical Steps from Social Selling to Digital Dominance with Social Media with Tim Hughes

Digital dominance sounds mighty impressive. Whether or not you’re looking to dominate the digital world or ramp up your social selling skills, you are in the right place. One thing we can promise you— this isn’t fluff. There’s not even a single piece of fuzz floating around. Zero fluff. Only the actionable stuff. (more…) Listen >

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