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CloudResearch and InnovateMR Announce a Strategic Partnership to Advance Data Quality in the Industry

The future of digital transformation hinges around human interaction and human input. In companies, it’s the voice of the consumer. In tech, it’s the voice of the user. In healthcare, it’s the voice of the patient. Products, policies, features and laws are developed based on input from humans – and often through online sources. This is why data quality is so extremely important, and also why it’s shocking that cyberfraud is so widespread.


This episode of Digital Transformation Success is special for a couple reasons: 


1. It features 3 special guests, each of whom are data quality experts

2. It is centered around a brilliant collaboration between two groundbreaking companies

3. It has stories about people who pretended to be missing limbs and people who pretended to drink bleach!


Host Priscilla McKinney leads a discussion centered around data quality with Lisa Wilding Brown, CEO of InnovateMR, Sarah Adkins, VP of Quality and Research at InnovateMR, and Leib Litman, Ph.D., Co-CEO of CloudResearch. You’ll learn about the underlying problems and shortcomings of conventional fraud solutions, which can be categorized as experience-based and device-based.


According to Lisa, “It was sort of this thing that people were all quietly struggling with and not really talking about. And I thought, ‘let’s turn this up on its head and start having an open dialogue, because I can’t even come close to solving this on my own!'”


Sarah’s background in client-side work lent a depth of perspective into the industry mindset, (“They know it’s there, but they don’t want to look behind the curtain.”) but also an urgency to the solution: “Let’s get it out there and in the open, because it’s a problem that’s out there and it’s not going away.”


Leib provides several real-world examples of how problematic fraudulent data can be, which drives to a stunning point: “If you can’t rely on the data that you collected about specific populations, it’s those populations that are going to be hurt the most by that.”


CloudResearch has developed a new solution centered around behavioral verification called Sentry, and a recent partnership with InnovateMR is breaking new ground and showcasing the power of industry collaboration.


Leib says, “It’s very clear that data quality is at the forefront of what’s important to InnovateMR, and that’s part of why we get along so well and why this is such a great partnership.”


May 10 2022

Embracing Digital Transformation in Privacy and Data Protection with Elena Elkina

“There is enormous opportunity for companies to build on privacy”   If you’re curious about what is happening today with cyber security, this episode is for you!   Today on Digital Transformation Success, Priscilla McKinney sits down to talk with Elena Elkina, Co-founder and board member for Women in Security and Privacy, to discuss what is new and current regarding data protection. For the last decade, Elena has worked on creating enterprise-level global privacy and data protection programs. Elena has developed and implemented regulatory frameworks, risk gap assessments, maturity models, long-term roadmaps and data protection policies; so it is safe to say she knows what she is talking about!   Elena wants to highlight that many companies around the world are struggling with the emergence of new data and privacy regulations. The line between privacy and security is getting blurrier and blurrier. Privacy is very industry-specific and ever-changing in the United States, and there is enormous opportunity for companies to build on privacy.   Privacy is a manual discipline and Elena believes we need more innovation and technology. The manual aspect of privacy has been a roadblock for many companies. All companies are dealing with so many different tools, that an automated solution is necessary at this point.   Want to know more? Feel free to reach out to Elena at Listen >
April 19 2022

Beyond Brand Trackers with Zack Nippert Live at IIEX

For years, brands have relied on brand trackers to help guide their business decisions and overall brand strategy. But with new technology and methodologies on the market, should brand trackers alone still be relied on to provide an accurate depiction of a brand’s health?   We’re taking the Digital Transformation Success podcast LIVE from IIEX Austin. Joining Priscilla McKinney on this episode is Zack Nippert, a tenured entrepreneurial executive and CivicScience President. The two sit down to explore the current state of the market research industry. From consumer behavior insights to brand tracking, Zack and Priscilla discuss the evolution of market research and how digital transformation has accelerated and impacted these advancements.   "If companies cared as much about consumer health, consumer data and all of the different factors that are impacting their decisions and their lifestyles as they do about their brand health, they’d start to see this dimensionality of who their audience truly is."  - Zack Nippert   Tune in to hear how Zack and CivicScience are revolutionizing traditional market research methodologies to provide brands with fast and forward-looking consumer intelligence! Listen >
April 05 2022

The Importance of Critical Evaluation in Digital Transformation with Danielle Blugrind

We live in a world of innovation where new technologies and systems are popping up left and right. But, is the latest always the greatest?   Danielle Blugrind, Senior Consumer Insights Manager at Roku, joins Priscilla on this episode of Digital Transformation Success to discuss the importance of having a balance of human interaction and digital transformation in market research. With over 30 years of experience in research, Danielle brings a unique perspective alongside her wealth of knowledge. She reminds us that while new and shiny technology is exciting, it’s important to critically evaluate the true added value of adopting these innovations. After all, if your current systems aren’t broken, why fix them? "I approach new technology with a mix of excitement and caution. I do get excited about new stuff but if our current methodologies also work, I don't want to throw those away for something new and shiny that doesn't add value." - Danielle Blugrind   From the effects the pandemic has had on the streaming industry to Priscilla making her pitch to be the poster child of Roku, this episode is jam-packed with entertainment and insights. Listen now! Listen >

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