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AI seems to be at the absolute top of everyone’s minds these days. With the news circling back to this topic weekly, if not daily, and updates being released nearly as quickly, we’re all left in a constant state of apprehension about the ethics and impact of generative AI.

Scot Pansing, a veteran in the field of creative tech and communications/policy, shares his insights into the promises and perils of generative AI with Little Bird Marketing CEO, Priscilla McKinney. The reality is that while AI has enormous potential to revolutionize industries, there is also a pressing need for ethical considerations and regulations to mitigate its potential negative effects.

This episode touches upon several key concerns, such as the risks of bad actors misusing AI for fraudulent or malicious purposes, the challenges of ensuring the responsible use of chatbots, and the implications of AI-generated content for intellectual property and copyright. In addition, the conversation also delved into the potential dangers of AI-generated fake images and the need for awareness and fact-checking systems to prevent their spread. Ultimately, Priscilla and Scot both emphasized the importance of responsible use of AI and the need for a framework to ensure it is being deployed ethically. It is a call to action saying that we are all responsible and it is important to have thoughtful, nuanced conversations about AI’s impact. 

For more nuggets of AI facts, listen to Scot Pansing’s podcast, AI Quick Bits and his Substack summary of show content. A Little Experimenting was referenced along with this LinkedIn post he made that was truly terrifying and should not be missed. 

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