Digital Transformation Success

The future of digital transformation hinges around human interaction and human input. In companies, it’s the voice of the consumer. In tech, it’s the voice of the user. In healthcare, it’s the voice of the patient. Products, policies, features and laws are developed based on input from humans – and often through online sources. This is why data quality is so extremely important, and also why it’s shocking that cyberfraud is so widespread.


This episode of Digital Transformation Success is special for a couple reasons: 


1. It features 3 special guests, each of whom are data quality experts

2. It is centered around a brilliant collaboration between two groundbreaking companies

3. It has stories about people who pretended to be missing limbs and people who pretended to drink bleach!


Host Priscilla McKinney leads a discussion centered around data quality with Lisa Wilding Brown, CEO of InnovateMR, Sarah Adkins, VP of Quality and Research at InnovateMR, and Leib Litman, Ph.D., Co-CEO of CloudResearch. You’ll learn about the underlying problems and shortcomings of conventional fraud solutions, which can be categorized as experience-based and device-based.


According to Lisa, “It was sort of this thing that people were all quietly struggling with and not really talking about. And I thought, ‘let’s turn this up on its head and start having an open dialogue, because I can’t even come close to solving this on my own!'”


Sarah’s background in client-side work lent a depth of perspective into the industry mindset, (“They know it’s there, but they don’t want to look behind the curtain.”) but also an urgency to the solution: “Let’s get it out there and in the open, because it’s a problem that’s out there and it’s not going away.”


Leib provides several real-world examples of how problematic fraudulent data can be, which drives to a stunning point: “If you can’t rely on the data that you collected about specific populations, it’s those populations that are going to be hurt the most by that.”


CloudResearch has developed a new solution centered around behavioral verification called Sentry, and a recent partnership with InnovateMR is breaking new ground and showcasing the power of industry collaboration.


Leib says, “It’s very clear that data quality is at the forefront of what’s important to InnovateMR, and that’s part of why we get along so well and why this is such a great partnership.”

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