Digital Transformation Success

Social media has fundamentally changed the way we live and do business. Though it is often thought of as a marketer’s tool, it’s not just for marketing departments! The future of work demands that brands embrace digital transformation across their entire organization.


There is not a day that goes by that we’re not somehow engaged on a social platform. More than likely, the first thing you reach for in the morning is your phone. After silencing the alarm, you open your email, apps, or social media, and you’re immediately connected. Social media is natural. It’s credible. It’s easy to activate your employees on it because they’re already doing it in their own personal life. Social media is a tool. Are you utilizing this tool to help advance careers AND the brand at the same time? 


Priscilla McKinney is peeling back the layers of successful employee advocacy and discussing the buyer’s journey, how to develop your employee advocacy program and what it looks like to utilize LinkedIn for meaningful connections. Discover how you can invest in your employees, bring them into the company strategy for advancement, and accomplish that task together.


When done correctly, the whole employee life-cycle can be cultivated, empowered and maintained through the power of social media. Are you ready to ignite a digital transformation?


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