Digital Transformation Success

Successful business leaders just keep on changing. Today, Little Bird Marketing CEO Priscilla McKinney and Steve Phillips, CEO of Zappi, give some guidance on how to embrace it all – especially when it comes to consumer insights.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s a bit about Zappi: Initially, Zappi focused on enabling high-quality agile market research. It aimed to drastically reduce the time required for market research, allowing marketers, creators, and innovators to work more efficiently. Over time, Zappi has evolved into a comprehensive platform facilitating digital transformation within organizations. They provide a unified space for consumer insights and allow companies to work more collaboratively, access data from various sources, and continuously learn from their research. Zappi aims to help businesses become more consumer-focused, adaptive, and innovative while streamlining their consumer insights processes.

There are several common challenges facing consumer insight departments across companies, and they address many of them. “It’s not about the idea, it’s about the execution,” says Steve. The Zappi team is set apart by the relentless pursuit of iterative innovation.

Ready for a shift toward consumer obsession in decision-making? Listen in for mindset shifts to help you prioritize consumers and make the magic happen. 

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