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“There is enormous opportunity for companies to build on privacy”


If you’re curious about what is happening today with cyber security, this episode is for you!


Today on Digital Transformation Success, Priscilla McKinney sits down to talk with Elena Elkina, Co-founder and board member for Women in Security and Privacy, to discuss what is new and current regarding data protection. For the last decade, Elena has worked on creating enterprise-level global privacy and data protection programs. Elena has developed and implemented regulatory frameworks, risk gap assessments, maturity models, long-term roadmaps and data protection policies; so it is safe to say she knows what she is talking about!


Elena wants to highlight that many companies around the world are struggling with the emergence of new data and privacy regulations. The line between privacy and security is getting blurrier and blurrier. Privacy is very industry-specific and ever-changing in the United States, and there is enormous opportunity for companies to build on privacy.


Privacy is a manual discipline and Elena believes we need more innovation and technology. The manual aspect of privacy has been a roadblock for many companies. All companies are dealing with so many different tools, that an automated solution is necessary at this point.


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