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Getting the Sales Training Right for Digital Success

When we’re talking about digital success, it’s not about the bee-boo-boo pressing of buttons. We still need a team of amazing humans who know how to build relationships leveraging the digital tools. There is inner work that has to be done. Sales professionals need to know and understand how to bring themselves to the table in the right way, and it’s all about building a culture of communication and trust.

Join CEO and Little Bird Momma, Priscilla McKinney, and owner of Trustpoint, a Sandler Training center, Brett Baker, as they discuss how to get sales training right to set a company up for digital success. Brett Baker and Priscilla McKinney go way back. This episode feels like sitting in on a cup-of-coffee-on-the-couch kind of conversation. The undercurrent is how to get another person to “self-discover truth” as they unpack how to build relationships and trust digitally. So, if you’re work culture is allergic to self awareness you will not like this episode at all. 

They cover these pressing questions sales leaders are facing:  

• What are the basic needs a salesperson has to understand and embrace to start building relationships on cold calls or with clients that are meaningful— built on trust and mutual respect? 

• How can I make sure we don’t lose the human element when moving our sales efforts to digital tools? 

• What is holding my team back?

There are more than one thing sales leaders need to be working on with their teams, namely, start asking questions and keep asking questions to the prospect. In a world where most sales people default to doing all of the talking, this is tuned out when face to face and even more easily ignored when the sales pitch moves online. The importance of asking questions also underscores the truth that the prospect’s first answer will never reveal their real problem. Lastly, teams need to remove the pressure to get the “yes” and build more comfort around the prospect saying “no.” As Brett says, “when a sales professional starts to become okay with no, their world opens up to a level of trust with people they’ve never dreamed of.” As customers know the close is coming and the salesperson is hankering for the “yes,” the comfortability around the “no” breaks down barriers, surprises people, at puts them more at ease.

This conversation is positively brimming with impactful and actionable information that will spotlight exactly what mindset shifts and sales tactics you need to implement for true, real, game-changing sales success both online and offline. 

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