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While a popular Disney princess will tell you, “A dream is a wish your heart makes,” Qualtrics will make those MRX heart wishes of yours a reality.

In a candid conversation on Digital Transformation Success, Priscilla McKinney and Ali Henriques explore the intricacies of market research, focusing on the landscape within Qualtrics’ research services – a department within a behemoth company that not many in the industry are aware exists. They take a look at this service and a broader view of the consumer insights industry,  touching on critical themes and practices shaping the field.

As the Global Director of Research Services at Qualtrics, Ali sheds light on the company’s evolution, emphasizing its role in assisting clients with research projects, from survey design to data analysis. At Qualtrics, they emphasize the significance of providing value to clients, aligning with the company’s commitment to ensuring client satisfaction and renewal rates.

Research Services, a division within Qualtrics, acts as a research agency linking clients with third-party panel respondents. They help design research tools and large-scale programs, covering everything from initial setup to generating reports and dashboards, catering to the specific needs of each project. Ali’s team is the sticky factor that keeps clients engaged with the platform at Qualtrics. Their motivation lies in the fact that they are accountable to the clients’ renewal rate. Where clients lack expertise of their own, Ali’s team provides the ebb and flow of services needed on a daily basis. They continue to make efforts to refine and enhance the quality of research.

Beyond providing research services to clients, Ali has a passion for mentorship and meaningful connections in the industry. They share their thoughts on the opportunities for women in the industry and the importance of giving back in a way that paves the way for broader equity and inclusion in the market research space. Whether you’re looking for a great connection with a remarkable professional or need to accelerate your next research endeavor, be sure to connect to Ali on LinkedIn. Feel free to ask for some dance tips, too – she’s pretty good! 


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