Digital Transformation Success

The Metaverse, Fortnite and NFTs. Need we say more?


You’re in for a treat with this week’s episode of Digital Transformation Success. Priscilla is joined by Meta Business Engineer, Corey Featherly. For over 4 years, Corey has been at the forefront of digital change, supporting small and medium businesses across all industries and helping them leverage Meta’s digital marketing tools to find business success. Priscilla gets down to the nitty gritty, asks the hard hitting questions that we all want the answers to and potentially confesses her deep love for Fortnite. 


​​”I see the skepticism about the Metaverse as a parallel of the public reception of the internet early on. And in a way, I consider that a good thing because it means we’re doing something new and innovative.” – Corey Featherly


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